Perfect Chicken : Death Anniversary.



⊰ ★ ⊱— ”Friends, we have congregated here to mourn the death of the legendary Perfect Chicken. A year ago today we suffered the loss of this beautiful piece of poultry. Let us have a moment of silence for the great, the sacred, and the irreplaceable…Perfect Chicken.”



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"You sound kind of like a pedo."

「☂」╍ ”Oh, no. I don’t like children, not that you are one to begin with. Your voice tells me that already.  I’m just waiting for my chance..”




「☂」╍ ”I’m always here.. even when you sleep.


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▌F A L C O N: Ahhhhh!


Pillars of smoke, flattened vehicles, and cries for help lie in the brazen trail of the Blue Falcon, from the small town’s streets to Princess Toadstool’s front garden. However, the champion racer had parked his prized craft flawlessly before slicing a single petal. Normally, the Captain wasn’t one to stop for the simpler things in life, preferring activities with more ACTION. Yet, to dine with his fellow competitor, and a princess, was an honor he wouldn’t pass up. 

In the distance  he saw her, the image of perfection within the Foot Fungus Kingdom. Falcon greeted her with his trademark salute as he allowed the hood of the Blue Falcon to fall back into its proper place.

"Hey there, Princess. It’s been too long. Hope you’re ready for some tea. And maybe a little Falcon PUNCH.


「☂」╍ Needless to say, Princess Peach was a bit surprised at how fast he had come. Why, she had only sent the letter a few hours ago yet here he was, ready as always. A quick glance over his shoulder told her that she would have a bit of a mess to clean up after this little party. Despite this minor setback, the mushroom princess was able to make a quick recovery. She was always prepared for a tea party no matter what came up, she could find a way to fit it in to any occasion. The shock soon melted into pure giddiness at this reunion. One would think they were long time friends with how ecstatic she was.

"Oh, you!" Peach giggled into the palm of her silky white glove at the joke that was made. It certainly had been too long since their last meeting. Surprisingly enough, Captain Falcon was a spectacular tea partner. The two had a rocky start but after the last tournament, she could feel the tension between them fade away into nothingness.

"Come, come. Have a seat! I know how impatient you are, so how’s about we get started. Tell me all that you’ve been up to!" The monarch flicked a hand towards the empty seat across from her. 

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The sweat from Francis’ forehead intensified as he saw the total hot babe that kicked his butt when he “saved” Francine/Tippi. His heart start bouncing in his chest as he watched her, licking his lips nervously.

A loud wheeze escaped him.

"Schweet. The hot babe returned to her prince~"

「☂」╍ Toadstool froze up instantly once that image caught the corner of her eye. The princess never would’ve thought she would cross paths with him again. This had to be terrible luck on her end. In her head, she was questioning just why had the stars forsaken her. She didn’t dare turn his way in fear of having him notice her but by then it was already too late.

An eye twitched upon hearing that terrible wheeze of his slowly growing closer to her. She would not acknowledge his existence! Not in a million years. Perhaps if she just carried on, he would go on about his day just like she wanted to. Picking up the pace, Peach settled into a brisk walk to breeze right on past him. If she believe hard enough, she could escape from this unfortunate meeting. Only time would tell. 

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"Oh, um…! Hello!"

The robot stares up at the beautiful maiden before him, taking in her dress and— Oh, geez, is that a crown?!

"Are you a princess, miss…?" He asks softly, breaking into an uncertain bow before realizing he hadn’t taken off his helmet yet. Oops! Rock scrambles to fix that, running a hand through lightly messy brown hair.

He’s never met a princess before! Man, Kalinka would be so jealous when she heard…! That is, if the lady really is a princess and not going to some sort of party…

「☂」╍  A smile stretched across the woman’s face as she turned to greet the newcomer. Though he might not have known who she was, Peach certainly had already heard rumors about this young boy. If he really was to participate in the Super Smash Bros. Tournament then a proper welcome was in order. 

“Greetings, it’s nice to finally meet you.” A brow rose as she observed his clumsy mannerism. It was entertaining to say the least. It was able to cause a giggle to spill from the monarch’s lips before she finally rose a hand to cease his actions. All of the formalities really weren’t necessary when it came to these things. In fact, she really did them herself unless Toadsworth was around.

"There’s no need for all of that, dear. Although I truly am a princess, we can just skip all the extra things. I just came to congratulate you on being accepted into the tournament. I was informed that you go by the name Megaman? If I’m wrong in this implication, do not be afraid to correct me."