Happy Birthday Vinny!

「☂」╍ Just as the letter had stated, the postcard was taped neatly to the top of an ordinary white box. Although the outside was nothing special, the cake inside was a completely different story altogether. It was almost as if the cake itself had absorbed all decorations on the outside only to boost it’s own appearance. It certainly was a mouthwatering sight.

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Hiatus [8/17/14 - —/—/—]

【So yeah, I’m back temporarily but only to announce my hiatus. School will be coming up within the next week so I won’t be as available anymore. Though this isn’t the main reason I’m taking a break. I’ve just feel so unmotivated to roleplay, at least on this account. I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone but I will come to check on things every so often and maybe i’ll even do some mini threads. But as of right now, I’m just gonna take a break. Hope you all have a wonderful time roleplaying!

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These were the eyes of a children who conveyed a message.

"Aih." Translation: Just what sort of fucking joke character are you.

He was two seconds away from punching this disgrace in his throat. Had..? HAD? WHAT ELSE OF HIM IS A BACKWARDS RIPOFF.

⊱ Glowing yellow eyes honed in on his green counterpart who looked like a mirror reflection of himself. Leeb had known of his existence for a while now so it was only a matter of time before they met one another. The demon prince who had single-handedly stolen his shine just because he was ‘good’. If anyone was a joke, surely it was Beel.

"Hai! HAI HAAD HAAD HAI!" He screeched out, slamming a baby fist against the countertop in which he was seated upon. Translation: I could say the same for you younger brother. It has been far too long since our last encounter. I hope you have prepared yourself. For I, Leeb, will be the supreme ruler of the Underworld.

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"Matthew Oga is a joke and we all know it woman."

"And leeb, Leeb. Fuckin’ seriously?”

⊱ Leeb rolls his eyes. “Haaad!

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I’m going on a hiatus for god knows how long.

It’s been a fun ride guys.

But I can’t.

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My favorite SSB character.

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Dat Cake




⊰ ★ ⊱— Even the great temptation of chocolate cake would not sway Rosalina to abuse a poor mail carrier. Certainly, Oga knew better—though that never truly stopped him from taking the low road in most situations. “I must say that I firmly agree with Peach." Rosalina followed up as the corners of her mouth fell into a decline. "Why don’t we release this man, and get the cake regardless.

All it took was a monarch’s hand upon his shoulder to spare the life of this man. Well maybe not life, but a few broken bones were more like it. Rosalina’s sentiments also sealed it and overall created a small tick of frustration within him. “C’mon! We’re talking about a guy who just friggin throws packages through my window for no reason! Better yet, how the hell did he hit me with this!?” A package was held up. Thus, allowing the mail carrier to have a rough meeting with the ground. “This!?


"Also for some reason. This package keeps growling at me. It started too since we mentioned cake."

「☂」╍ ”Isn’t that just because you were in the way when the package was tossed. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. The poor dear’s frightened half to death. It’s not a little package is going to do harm to you anyways. Have some sympathy.” A sigh was expelled from her lips as she rubbed at her temples. His childish antics were a handful to deal with at times. It was no wonder how he managed to leave nothing but destruction in his wake.

"Hm?" His statement stirred her curiosity causing her gaze to fall towards the package that had created this whole mess. It did appear to have sharp teeth of sorts.

"It sort of reminds me of a miniature chomp. I wonder if it bites."




⊰ ★ ⊱— The sparkly galaxy eye glittered with the sublime light of the cosmos, inquisitiveness, and hope for evening shenanigans. Her wisdom swiftly guided her to a young man who never failed to deliver impeccably zany hi jinks and the like. “Oga Tatsumi." Her voice ricochets off of the walls before settling into silence. The sparkly galaxy eye intensifies. "I am bored.


”.. …….” Well now. This was a certain someone he wasn’t supposed to see just yet. These two were currently punishing someone for breaking windows and here comes a holy light of the cosmos that literally brought the galaxy with her wherever she went. All around his home away from home did it begin to look like space itself as he stared into her omnipotent at least to him eye. From the walls to the ground, to the ceiling and even the decorations scattered about, it looked they were standing in a dark depths themself.

"Rosie. You actually got pretty good timing. Zap this dumbass right here who has a window breaking fetish. There’s a chocolate cake with your name on it if you do."

Harassing demonic mail carriers should be done together.

「☂」╍ Peach had been watching the entire scene play out before her very eyes from Rosalina’s spaceship. Needless to say, she was also in search of a cure to ail the boredom that had been plaguing her for days on end. She made her presence known by speaking out against the tyrant’s more aggressive course of action. That man really had no mercy when it came to others.

"Well, that’s not very kind of you." Stepping out from the ship, Peach walked towards Oga to place a hand upon his shoulder to cease the continuation of his actions.

"As much as I would love a slice of cake, I believe we can arrange for another outcome, yes? There’s no need to seriously harm this man. Perhaps he had a good reason for what he’s done. Have you tried speaking to him first?" When he failed to give a proper response in time, the princess took it upon herself to free the man from Oga’s grasp so he was no longer being suspended in the air. 

This is only thing you’re getting for Princess Peach Month.  Waluigi will give you no more!

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「☂」╍ ”I’m only kidding, dear. You’re more than welcomed to join me.”

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