Anonymous whispered: Do you have a special message to give to all those teenagers who play SSB, and then pause the screen to get a peek up your dress?


「☂」╍  ”Oh, goodie! I’ve been waiting ages for a question that pertained to this subject. You see, it’s yet another topic I would like to discuss with all of you. There really isn’t much else I can do but speak on the topic since it has already been implemented within the game and distributed across the world.It came as a surprise, even to me. To think that there would be such perverse individuals out in this world, it was unfathomable. Quite frankly, I’m disgusted by them. To purposely look up a ladies’ dress, much less a princesses’ is just something only a truly despicable person would do. Is it not? It’s honestly pretty sad that they need to resort to such measures. I suppose I should feel sympathy for them but I cannot bring myself to do so. No matter, that problem has been readjusted with the new game so I’m satisfied.

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"だいらんとう" by Z

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Positive Mario because stuff happens…

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             ”—Sorry Mama Peach, but I’m gonna make this quick! Your rhymes fall faster than a brick! I know you’re trying to be clever, but let’s just face it! You’re falling harder than a kid who just can’t ace it!”

「☂」╍  ”Good thing I have my hater blockers on. I know my rap game is the best in the Mushroom Kingdom. You can’t tell me otherwise!”


「☂」╍  ”Look at Bow-Weezy. Trying to act all greasy like everything’s breezy. Too bad he will never rap this easy.”

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Anonymous whispered: Psst, hello! You're my favorite character! uvu I can't wait to use you in the new smash! c:

「☂」╍  ”Oh, my. I’m actually quite happy to hear that. I know how people discredit me because of my appearance so this means a lot to me. Don’t you worry, when the game does come out, I will do everything in my power to get you that win. You just need to wait a bit longer~! Though, I shouldn’t talk. I’m probably just as anxious as you are. Anyways, thank you for the fan mail dear. I look forward to teaming up with you in the near future!”

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be very afraid of this pearly-white smile tbh.

【Afraid? But you’re cute -pets him- :3】

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//I made it! Now Inuyasha could finally pass through the gates of hell and it’s all thanks to Princess Peach~ 8D 

【I don’t know how I should feel about helping you reach the devil..】

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he really is though


Let us pray for the young delinquent. May the mushroom goddess have mercy on his oreo loving soul.

「☂」╍  ”Have you finished yet? I’m ready to light him on fire already.” 

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Places a hand upon her pink clothed shoulder. There were rarely times ever looked this serious!

"We need you on this battlefield more than ever."

「☂」╍  ”Huuuh?” She questioned, shifting her gaze towards what was known as the Oag Bear. “But she doesn’t seem very interested at all. I may not be an expert but I would like to believe I’m well versed when it comes to topics dealing with love. And I definitely don’t see it with those two.”