"Milady… where are you taking me?"

I-I kinda like them two together…orz

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thefantasticfungus whispered: ((I followed because I needed a Peachy to mess with and stayed because you're a really nice, sweet person. Plus I still love your crack interactions with Bowser, Oga, and all them.))

Why did you follow me? Why do you stay?

 【Crack is great for everyone at all ages! Nah, I’m kidding~. But it is important to have fun with stuff. I truly don’t see why people are so hung up on losing followers and junk especially if you’re having fun. B] You’re still the cutest toadie ever and I love roleplaying with you. 】

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man-of-a-million-games whispered: A wild Pac-Man appears! AND ALL OF THE CAKE HAS THUS GONE--

「☂」╍ Leaving a very sad Peachy.

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Parasol Party




◄ ☂ ► ❝Ah! What an adorable castle! So cute…❞ Even though the only true place for Princess Agitha was her own cozy little castle, she could not deny the Mushroom Kingdom capital her admiration. As she crossed down the flower lined path, she found herself sighing over and over in awe.

The young Hylian took a brief look at the flier just to see if she had been dreaming of this momentous event. Fortunately, the location written in neat cursive on the page confirmed that her travels weren’t for naught. She had come so far…it was a wonder that the poster managed to catch the wind and float all the way to her homeland.

Gloved hands quickly bushed across the surface of her shirt to shoo away any dirt that she might have kicked up during her trek, before she rapped politely on the statuesque doors. ❝Hello? Is this where the Parasol Party is?


 "Ah! What a sickly cute castle. So annoying." This was not the type of place that, Nui enjoyed. Her type of fun location would be that of ruins, and burnt down buildings, bodies littering the side walks, and the sound of children crying out in despair as their parents had just met a horrid end.  "Oh well."   As she kept walking, she came across a piece of paper that was blowing in the wind, almost as if it was meant for the twisted blond to find.

  “What a neat little idea.”

  What a perfect timing. Nui was already out on a walk, with her parasol at that trying to find something to do. “Je vais ~”  With the cartoon fashion, Nui broke through the fourth wall, and stepping over the art work and ended up right in front of the castle doors, where another strange looking girl seemed to be waiting as well.  

「☂」╍ So rare was it for the mushroom princess to hold such a strange little gathering. The idea had popped out of nowhere one day while she had been speaking with Perry, the magical parasol she sported on most occasions. She had noticed that he was growing rather lonesome over the past few weeks so she was determined to turn his mood upside down. Just as the name had stated, this was a parasol party but it was mostly to provide more company for Perry, even if it was only for a day.

The soft knocking at the front entrance drew her attention away from her lingering thoughts. It only took a few minutes for her to make it to the front of the castle to open the door for her guests. The large velvet doors swung open to reveal two blonde haired girls, each geared with a parasol in hand. It was an unlikely gathering but they both seemed nice enough.

"Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom. I suppose you were both lead here by my invitation. I am the princess of this land, Princess Peach. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Do come in. Feel free to look around." The monarch took a large step back to grant them access inside. Once they were inside, the doors were closed behind them. Not a moment was spared before she took the lead to guide them to the exact location of the party, the garden behind the castle. 

“Now then, Might I ask just what your names are?”

petalburgkoopa whispered: ((1) Princess Peach. 2) A good Princess Peach.))

Why did you follow me? Why do you stay?

 【Yay! I know you’re one of my longest lasting follower so I’m grateful that you’ve stayed around this long actually. I was a noob to tumblr back then but you were very nice to me so I’ll always remember that. ♥ -huggles- :D Thanks for sending this in. 】

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krepusko whispered: I followed for the super awesome Peach and stayed for the super awesome Peach hhh. Your theme is gorgeous, by the way! :D

Why did you follow me? Why do you stay?

 【I DEMAND YOU TO STAY 4EVER! And I’ll do the same~. ♥ But thank you! Its one of my favorite thus far *w* I think I shall keep this one for a while. 】

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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them

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superhoneybeam whispered: [You're incredibly funny, and I always make sure to follow you on all my muses because you seem like such a sweetheart.]

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【:o Really? Now I’m really curious as to the other characters you play. lol But thanks! B] I try my best to keep things interesting on here. I don’t think anyone just wants a flat character. 】

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Draft Count

Working on a few drafts. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them up  today since they’re all relatively short. I’ll update this post as I work through them. These are the following people I owe, if I missed you, let me know!

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Why did you follow me? Why do you stay?