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【I still got drabbles to write up but not tonight since I want to make them as great as possible. I did have a lot of fun with that last one so keep you eyes peeled for more. I’ll be lurking and responding to small things in the meantime. Have a wonderful night everyone~!】

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askwendyokoopa whispered: づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Campaign make a person happy: send this for the 10 tumblrs that you most admire, if you receive it 3 times or more consider yourself loved!

【Thank you! -hands her cake-】

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Continued from this ask.


Unfortunately, the forced smile only let into a bigger pout. “I-I’m-a not grumpy! Just… can’t believe you tricked me the other day.”

「☂」╍ ”I tricked you?” She was genuinely confused at his accusation. Not that she doubted this actually happened since it was definitely a possibility, especially when her mischievous side kicked in. Rather, she had completely forgotten what went down. A gloved hand came to rest upon her chin as she contemplated on which trick he was referring to. When nothing came to mind, she gave in and just asked him directly.

"Could you remind me of what happened? I’m sure it couldn’t have been that bad.. right?"

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「☂」╍ ”Someone looks grumpy. How about we turn that frown upside down! Come, now. It really doesn’t suit you Luigi.” Peach reached out the tug at the plumber’s cheeks, pulling them up into a smile instead.

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askwendyokoopa whispered: ☯ + the Milli Vanilli concert

Send me '☯ + a scene from my characters canon' and I will drabble it from my character's POV.


「☂」╍ ”I’m ready~!" A  voice called out in a sing-song tone from the second floor of the castle. The owner of said voice stood atop the staircase in all her splendor. Posed with a hand on her hip, Princess Toadstool gave a confident grin as she lowered her gaze towards the rest of her party that waited below. Her attire had changed drastically from her formal dresses to a more modern outlook. If it wasn’t for the crown she sported on top of her head, one may have mistaken her for a rock’n’roll artist.

"I can’t believe this is really happening! I get to visit the real world and actually meet my favorite band? How can this day get any better?" The rail that lined the stairs acted as a slide to escort the princess down the stairs in a matter of seconds. Had it not been for Mario catching her at the last moment, the landing may have ended up turning into a huge disaster. It wasn’t until she was properly back on her own two feet that she picked up on the outfits the others wore. A single brow rose in question as she reached out to lightly pull at the extravagant vest Mario was wearing.

"Hey, guys? What’s with the get-up? We’re  going to a Milli Vanilli concert, not a symphony. For once, I’m not the only one overdressed for the occasion." She joked, releasing a soft giggle as she shook her head.

"Well, I’m sure you won’t stick out too much. I doubt anyone will really pay attention. I don’t think anyone’s foolish enough to take their eyes off of Milli Vanilli for even a second. Don’t worry, it’ll still be tons of fun! besides, i refuse to wait for you guys to change clothes. as if i’d risk being late to the biggest event in my life!Well, there’s no time to lose, lets-a go!” Before they even got a chance to argue back with her, Peach ran right out the castle, leaving the others rushing to catch up to the headstrong princess to ensure her safety.

▐ Mᴇᴀɴᴡʜɪʟᴇ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ Mɪʟʟɪ Vᴀɴɪʟʟɪ ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇʀᴛ 

The delay for the concert to begin was the longest wait she had ever experience. Yet she wouldn’t allow this minor set back to chip away any of her eagerness. If anything, it just added more fuel to the fire. Being surrounded with thousands of die-hard fans only escalated the feeling. Idle chatter filled the auditorium, making it even hard to think of anything other than the concert at hand. Peach was practically on the edge of her seat when the announcer’s voice boomed on the overhead speakers to declare the start of the show. Jumping to her feet, the princess clasped her hands together as her eyes remained glued to the stage.

Smoke clouded the arena making it even harder to see the blurry dark figures that rose from beneath the ground. Multi-colored lights pierced through the smoke, illuminating the stage in a magnificent display. As the fog cleared dissipated, Milli Vanilli finally became visible. Just listening to them introduce themselves was enough to swoon the princess right off of her feet. Yet, she was lucky enough to remain sturdy enough to remain standing.

After they finished the opening speech, a rose was thrown out in the audience. Her heart was racing as she reached out her hands to try and take the prize as her own. It was almost as if the rose was under the influence of some magical spell with the way it was gliding through the air to land directly within her cupped hands. It was breathtaking. For a while, all Toadstool could do was admire the single rose she had received. Dainty fingertips lightly stroked over the soft reddened petals, being extremely cautious not to disrupt it’s perfect shape. Once she was done admiring the flower, she carefully tucked in on her ear to accentuate her blonde tresses.

The band stirred up the audience enticing high-pitched screams when the two finally began singing. It was like a dream come true and she for one didn’t want to be awaken from it. Peach couldn’t stop herself from dancing to the upbeat music that blared from the speakers. Her feet had a mind of their own, not that she minded in the least bit. They had only gotten through three songs before some strange happened before their very eyes. A portion of the stage levitated into the air, suspending Milli Vanilli in mid-air. Sapphire hues sparkled in admiration as they followed the pair as they rose into the air, figuring this was all part of the show. She was a bit disappointed that they were leaving so early but if this really was going to be their exit, she could find a way to accept this fate. 

"See? Didn’t I tell you they were great! I mean, what an exit! I bet not even you guys have seen one like that!" Peach exclaimed excitedly, glanced back towards the Mario bros and Toad for the first time since they arrived. From start to finish, this concert had been everything she expected and more! It was perfect, at least until that oh-so-familiar laughter filled the air around them. There was no mistaking it. That was definitely none other than the Koopa King. Only when she realize this did the mushroom princess finally spot the otherwise obvious airship that hovered over the auditorium. Her lips dropped into a frown as she narrowed her gaze at the thing. If looks could kill, the ship would’ve been set ablaze and spiralling down towards the Earth by now.

"Oh, no. I should’ve known he would find a way to ruin something as grand as this. The Koopa King’s back at his old tricks again. This is just terrible. Milli Vanilli has been koop-naped! A determined look crossed the monarch’s features. Peach rolled her sleeves til they were just above her elbow before stomping towards the exit.

"Next stop, Bowser’s castle! We’re going to save Milli Vanilli if it’s the last thing I do!"

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"Exactly. And that’s what makes it funny." She rolled her eyes, as if it was that obvious. "If he asks where you’ve been, just tell him you were with me. I’m super responsible." Surrrre you are, Daisy.


"Coming!" She followed Peach, a bounce in her step. This is going to be awesome. An adventure, without Mario or Luigi following them at every single moment. They need more of these moments. "So, whatcha wanna do first to start this adventure."

「☂」╍ ”Well, first things first. We need to have the proper equipment for whatever comes our way while we’re out there. It’s not so bad with a few koopas and goombas running around but when they start forming armies and other baddies join it, things can get pretty bad. So how about we go hunting for some power-ups just in case. We can store the extras in our pockets.” Sapphire hues shifted over towards Daisy in a most peculiar way. They just screamed that she was up to something.

"So we can go about this two ways. I’ll leave it up to you. Would you like to do this the easy way or the hard way? We could easily go buy a few items at the shop in Toad Town, or we can just gather them as we go along. I’m sure there’s a bunch stored in those random question blocks. Just getting them will be an adventure all on it’s own. I’ll leave the choice up to you my dearest Daisy."


[ ► ] —


"That old ‘shroom?  I doubt he’ll notice!  Where are ya goin’ to disappear to anyways?"

「☂」╍ ”You know, I haven’t quite worked out the details of that yet. But if you have any ideas, I would be more than happy to hear them.

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A little later than I’d like but here is today’s (what’s left of it) shirt design! Zelda and Mario are going to be pissed when they see this. Get your shirt at the sale price of $14 within the next 72 hours over at TeePublic! <3

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