trueformofmasterhandandcrazyhand whispered: master hand: well if it isn't peach. How are you doing?

「☂」╍ “I’m.. fine I suppose. You?” Her tone was one of mild confusion. Not only was she engaging in a conversation with a hand, but this was the Master Hand that controlled the entire Smash Bros Tournament. She always had such a eerie feeling when he was around. 

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mushroom mom and space mom

10-18 • 17:28204 notesspookypixiii
sky-x-child whispered: "I hope you don't mind me saying that you are very sweet, kind and pretty and any kingdom would be happy to have you lead them!"

「☂」╍ “Oh, my. I certainly wasn’t expecting this. I truly don’t know what to say.  But I must  express my gratitude for your kind words. Are you free? I would love for you to drop by the castle for cake at least.”

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          ≺ ✿ ≻Blink, blink “Really?” Her eyes grow wide with a look of confusement at first. Perhaps she didn’t look around the mushroom kingdom then she thought. Oh well, she already found Peach so that all that matter now for her. “Huh, i guess i should had look around for you much better..” Hand clap together gently grabbing the other’s hand. “Anywayssss! I know that you’ve been busy with things, and whatever. But are you free today?” Least all hope she’s is because if she is. Then Daisy will just have to wait for a another day to bother her friend. 


「☂」╍ Her smile only grew wider at the mildly confused look that crossed Daisy’s face in that moment. It was absolutely priceless. ”No worries. You’ve found me so that’s all that matters.” A slight inclination was given at the following statement. For some reason, it didn’t sit right with her at all. There wasn’t even a need to ask her for spare time to spend with her most dearest friend. If anything, she would’ve gladly accepted if the desert princess stole her off for some fun times. Raising a hand to place on top of Daisy’s own, Peach gave a slight reassuring squeeze while nodding. “You don’t even need to ask. Even if I was busy, I always have time to hang out with you. Princesses can use a break every now and again, right? Just tell me what you had in mind and we’ll hop to it in no time!”

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"…You’re kidding me." To hell with trying to hide his shock, there was no way in nine hells could he hide this expression, especially after that stunning conclusion. Just what in the world does she think he do in his free time!? That was practically saying that heaven and hell actually shook hands and began the journey of being pals! It was on that level of ludicrous.

"How come I think you’d be more annoyed if I did. That’s probably why you go around stomping my Oreos all the time."

「☂」╍ ”Not at all.” Despite the flashy smile she wore, Peach was indeed just pulling his leg. Somehow she knew he would have an over the top reaction. Oga may not have been an overly expressive person but when he did allow his emotions to show, it was always a spectacle to see. It took all she had to retain her self composure as she watched bob-ombs go off in the delinquents mind. It was only a matter of time before he exploded and she was waiting for that precise moment. Pressing her lips into a thin line helped to keep her laughter at bay when the time finally came. Amusement danced in her beautiful sapphire eyes at the sight before her. 

"You’re overreacting dear. I only do that for the funsies. You should try smiling more. Like this!” The corners of her mouth curved up into a well practiced smile. Her index fingers pressed into the sides of her cheek to emphasize her meaning. 

"See! Now you try."

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As so, his eyes narrowed in return towards the non-Yellow Pink Gold Daisy. It’s been awhile since archenemies faced off in a time like this, and so did Luigi keep his guard, ready for any impending assault.

"I have no idea what you’re talking about." He kept his hand on the trigger, his trusty meme stare. Err, death stare.


"You’d accuse me first, huh?” Cue gruff mafia accent.


「☂」╍  Her jaw visibly clenched at the obvious lie he told, even the straw in her mouth broke in half. Yet other than that, Sheriff Peach kept her irritation well hidden behind a straight face. Pursing her lips, she hooked her slender fingers within the belt loops at her waist.

"I call your bluff." She shot back, looking directly at him. If he thought that death stare was going to work on her, he had another thing coming. Rather then being intimidated, a hand fell to the gun holster at her side. 

"I say you’re lyin cowboy. Now if you don’t give back the goods, I’m ‘fraid I’ll have to take em from ya by force. Let’s not be violent here. We can work this thing straight. "

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「☂」╍ "A whole weekend to myself?! I couldn’t ask for anything better."

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✿ follow for more kawaii sweets ✿

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"Nah, it’s obviously ribs. Cake is sweet, but c’mon, ribs are much better. Well, any meat is much better."

「☂」╍ "I honestly don’t like ribs all that much but cake will always be number one in my heart. Besides, it’s national dessert day. Meat doesn’t fit in that category."