Pink flushed the Koopa’s maw, sweat drops of embarrassment darting down the side of his face before he begrudgingly replied. “Well… if YOU really want me to, then I GUESS I can’t say no, Mama Peach…! But— but JUST know that I am NOT wearing ugly tux cuffs! And I’m NOT gonna be cute! I’mma be HANDSOME!”

「☂」╍ She couldn’t help but giggle at his flustered appearance. A gloved fingertip was tapped upon the tip of his snout in a teasing manner. 

”And that’s perfectly fine. Just saying that you’ll do it is enough for me. We definitely need to take pictures together. I never realized that we haven’t do so yet. I’ll even give you a copy to keep with you as well.”

"Oh, excuse me, you’ll be the most handsome prince in all the land. Better? We’ll need to get that outfit for you ASAP!” 

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「☂」╍ "You know what? You’re absolutely right. Let’s blow this joint, we’ll get them done professionally so everyone can see.” With a polished smile to compliment that magnificent outfit that adorned her, she hooked her arm around his.

"Shall we?"

The most fashionable male gets the girl— that’s how it always worked! He’d have to make a special little note of that in his diary!

Bowser lifted his arm, knowing how to walk a girl (at the very least), and with his head up high, swaggered them both away from Tumblr’s judgmental stares.


Too much bomb. 


magnanimousmonarch said:you gonna be so cute tho


         ”Gag me! I’m going to look like some LOSER that runs a LEMONADE STAND…”

「☂」╍  ”Nonsense!” Peach spurted out immediately, kneeling down to properly embrace the young prince. “You’ll be the cutest little koopa in all the Mushroom World. I just know it!”

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Anonymous whispered: not gonna lie, I always misread your url. I say to myself monogamousmonarch, but I realize it says magnanimous.

【ufufu, you fell right into my trap then. xD nah I’m kidding. I know it can be a bit of a mouthful to pronounce. I’ve actually debated on changing it to something simpler but I’m not sure if I should or not or even what to change it to if given the opportunity D;】

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He allowed his outfit to speak for itself; he knows—


"You don’t gotta tell me twice, Sugar-Lips! We were the hottest people on the set!"

Opportunity beckoned 

"We should take a picture together!"

「☂」╍ "You know what? You’re absolutely right. Let’s blow this joint, we’ll get them done professionally so everyone can see.” With a polished smile to compliment that magnificent outfit that adorned her, she hooked her arm around his.

"Shall we?"

supapichi whispered: "Hey me! What do you call a snake that studies past events?" "A HISSSStorian."

「☂」╍  ”Hee, Hee. Oh, gosh, that was a really good one. Allow me to offer one in return. It’s only fair!” She cleared her throat before proceeding.

“What mount did Mario have to climb in order to get to World 3?”



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「☂」╍ "Bowsy, we are looking so great in these new outfits.

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{Nintendo, why? Why you make it look so glamorous?! MY will is strong but not that strong. The peachy outfit just killed me in such a good way. }

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"So when was it annual get together and say dumb shit at my house again?" THESE TWO WERE HOPELESS. SHIT.



"Huuuuuh.  That’s not very nice to say to a guest, Oga." Throws an Oreo into her mouth before giving the rest of the bag to the turtle monster

Bowser sniffed at those cookies like a regular hound. After memorizing their scent, he ripped the bag out of the air, and stuffed it into his open maw. They left him with a strong desire for more…

And so, departing from the conversation, Koopzilla walked right through Oga’s wall, raided his kitchen cabinets, and embarked on an epic quest to fill his gullet with oreos. 



A fist slammed through the wall opposite to the one that was destroyed previously. Yusuke’s fist managed to completely destroy said wall causing a fog of dust and debris. Once the dust settled, the delinquent made his way into the house, searching for anything edible he could stuff in his mouth, preferably ice cream.

   Hey, I know I’m fashionably late, but I want snacks. I—.. is that a big ass turtle? Ya’ got some weird friends, Oga. Where’s the ice cream?”

⊰ ★ ⊱—Rosalina crashes the party! …Literally! The Comet Observatory had successfully taken out the entire eastern wing of Oga Tatsumi’s house, which qualifies for a perfect landing! 10/10-IGN. 


❝I brought the starbits!❞ 

「☂」╍ Alas, today was perhaps the saddest day for Oag Tatsoomi’s room. For coming in to demolish the last wall was a small meteor shower that seemed to be solely focus on his wall. Too bad it was out of their control. However, at least there was one good thing that came out of all of this was the fact that the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom was able to float down into the room without being harmed in the slightest bit.

"Did somebody order cake?"