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【Aw man, well, I’m not gonna let my day be a completely bummer due to one person. So I’ll be off til later tonight maybe. Gonna go play some games for a bit. Have fun you guys!】

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I don’t normally do this sort of thing but I feel as though the people of the Mario community, and roleplays all over should know and be aware of this should something like it arise in their fandom. A while back I saw a few individuals speak on how mariothesuperplumber had been harassing them. Now at first, I just let things to pass over since he had come to me and Rosie with the same self-righteous words but had apologized about it the next day. Being the foolish person I was, I forgave the man & tried to turn over a new leaf. Things were going well, so I thought until I found out that he was still saying bad things about me behind my back. I’m absolutely positive that this man’s apology even to the public was just empty words to regain everyone’s trust again. He has not changed at all and I don’t see him changing in the near future either. If you’re friends with him, I’m not telling you to stop. That is your choice and I would never condescend you for sticking by your friend no matter what. I understand that notion since I am doing exactly that. He has been speaking harshly on my group of friends for a while now and I’m just so tired of it. Saying that we’re too ‘close-knitted' but how is that a bad thing? We've all known each other for years so it's only natural to be that way. He also called us 'elitist' but I dont know how that's possible if we do indeed roleplay with others. He barely knows anything about us yet he can make such outrageous assumptions as if it was his God given right. Just because one is intimidated, it DOES NOT give them a right to talk down on people because of their own self-confident issues. This message is primarily to let people know that you don’t have take that bullshit he dishes out on a daily basis. Below are a few messages he sent back and forth to both me and watcherofstars. Keep in mind that these messages were sent while we were still on hiatus around two weeks ago.

Call it my anger towards being ignored all the damned time, and this fuckin’ clique-like behavior amongst all of you MySpace people.

— mariothesuperplumber

It’s intimidating as fuck, and call it complete misinterpretation on my part but I see your fancy symbols, HTML profiles, clique behavior and all of those years of experience under your belt as ways of spitting in my face and saying “I’m a superior human being to you”.

— mariothesuperplumber

Thing is, my confidence shrivels up like a grape when encountering you longtime elitists because I know no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do I’ll never be as fucking good as you. Because years of experience aren’t things that can be obtained like good writing and whatnot. I know I ain’t as good a Mario as littleredguido or It’s a Me Mario back on RP.ME but I try my best.

— mariothesuperplumber

I want to eradicate all other Mario’s that have ever existed so I can be the sole master race plumber that’s unrivaled.

— mariothesuperplumber

Now this post below is from his facebook taken just last night. I found a bunch of interesting collection on his facebook. It’s basically just a number of random screenshots from Tumblr that he decided to upload in order to make others look bad.


All I wish to gain from this is to raise awareness. I don’t want anyone else being hurt by this Mario’s words. I will admit that he is a wonderful roleplayer but if the mun behind the character is a jerk, you have the right to decline starting a thread with him. Which is exactly what I did. You don’t have to make everyone happy. Roleplaying is meant for fun. It’s not some competition to be won. Everyone has their own unique style that is different. There is no best. It’s all up to interpretation.  So do not allow anyone to speak down on you even if they’re supposedly intimidating by fancy layouts or writing or anything you do. If you do run into this roleplayer, take his words with a grain of salt. He’s only out to make himself look better while putting others down in the process. 

We weren’t gonna do this, man. We really were gonna let you just stomp around in our community again like the self-entitled tyrant you are. We were going to let you fool all of the newbies into thinking you’re an okay person without warning them of your antics. That is until you took it upon yourself to butt in on a personal matter that doesn’t involve you whatsoever and completely flood up my personal’s inbox with 14 messages of unnecessary hatred.

Which I’ll now post here for everyone to see.






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This guy, previously known as mariothesuperplumber, has done his fair share of harm to this community and most everyone in it. All for stupid childish reasons that are hardly considered ‘personal’ at all. He wants to be ‘top dog’ and he’ll spit on anyone to get there. He’s not a nice person, he doesn’t give a crap about you, and he’s a complete dingus as you can see.

I want to warn everyone out there that this guy is now assuming the url itsamariotime.

I spoke to magnanimousmonarch about this already and she told me to go ahead and reblog her PSA with the fresh new images of his ridiculous behavior in order to warn everyone that he hasn’t changed whatsoever. He’s attacking me over something that doesn’t even involve him, trying to push his way into my life, hers, and a few others after causing serious drama for all of us not long ago. He tried to befriend me after all of the trouble he caused for me and people I care about, blew up when I ignored him, and apparently went to others about me.

He’s an asshole, he’s two-face, talks all sorts of crap about people behind their backs, feels he should be the ‘only Mario’ because he’s ‘the best Mario’. I have many people who can attest to my words.

Please be warned if you speak to this man, because he is nothing but trouble and drama. If you want to avoid either of those two I recommend you hit that ignore button and stay far, FAR away.

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honeythelioness ;  
1.) Why is it that there are like 8 humans in the mushroom kingdom and the ruler of the toad is a human and not a toad 2.) how come bowser doesn't try to kidnap daisy or rosilina?Besides the fact daisy can kick his butt.

「☂」╍ "Why, I’d be happy to answer these questions for you. Just give me a second to explain it. Well, what I know for certain at least."

  1. Well I can’t really explain why the number of humans are limited in the Mushroom World. It’s always been a question in the back of my mind as well. I am the currently leader for hereditary reason, of course. I know not when it was originally chosen but I can say that it has been passed down through the generations. Even back when Rosalina was next in line to inherit the throne and that was a long time ago! Though she doesn’t look it in the least bit. If anything, she looks to be around my age but I suppose that’s normal for a deity. If it makes you feel better, my father resembled a toad. It’s really all in the type of hat you choose. I personally dislike having one. It doesn’t look too great on me.

    See? It would be rather difficult to fit all of my hair into one of their hats. Plus it would make my head look larger the life.

  2. I know that Daisy wouldn’t stand for such behavior but even she can get overwhelmed with Bowser and his minions. I know she’s physically stronger than I am but trust me when I say that Bowser is no joke when he really puts his mind to it. You must remember that he travels in packs and he doesn’t go down easily either. However, I’m straying from the point. Bowser has had a crush on me ever since we first met as toddlers. That is a large portion of the reason but there is another important factor to add in as well. My magic can easily repel any evil magic he can cast. His moves are extremely limited if I’m in the picture. Now that I think about it, that actually may be the reason why the Toadstool family has been given the responsibility to protect the Mushroom Kingdom. We each have our own special powers that can repel evil. The Mushroom Kingdom is the most prosperous kingdom in all of the Mushroom World so it’s no wonder why he would want his claws on it. The resources are plentiful and it’s also a large stepping stone for his conquest. If the Mushroom Kingdom were to fall, great havoc would fall upon the rest of the world. Though this doesn’t speak for the rest for the universe. I don’t think Bowser is foolish enough to try and kidnap Rosalina. With her years of experience it probably wouldn’t end in his favor. Not that it ever does anyways. His main focus seems to be conquering my kingdom first and foremost and taking me as a bride. However that last part will happen over my dead body! You hear that Bowser?! I’ll never marry you even in a million years!

[waves fist angrily]

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     { ♚ }; "Oh, go right ahead! I’m used to princesses suddenly bursting into songs, I don’t mind!"

「☂」╍ "It’s not only me…? Well that’s comforting. I thought I had some weird condition. At least it doesn’t happen too often." 

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I heard you're feeling nothing's going right
Why don't you let me s t o p b y
The clock is ticking, running out of time
So we should party, a l l n i g h t
So cover your eyes, I have a surprise
I hope you got a healthy appetite
If you wanna dance, if you want it all
You know that I'm the girl that you should call




「☂」╍ "I wanna sing a song now…" 

Happy Easter!



{❄}: //”Well, they’re coming down from the sky that’s for sure and they have coins inside of’em!”


"It’s pretty weird too. I was about to start decorating my own Easter Eggs when it all occurred. Another thing, I had came out of my Castle from the snowlands not too long ago,"

「☂」╍ "Well isn’t that a lucky occurrence. I bet your eggs were beautiful. You do seem to be quite the creative little koopa, aren’t you?" Peach gushed out, flashing the boy a smile. She picked up one of the golden eggs that littered the grass and handed it to him.

"I dont think it would be too good to tell your father about this otherwise he might end up taking them from you. I’d say it might be in your best interest to take some of these and go shopping for things you like. Perhaps more paint or circus balls to play with. It would be far more fun for you that way, don’t you think?”

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