Rp | Peach & Cackletta

I rarely ever see  you in the Mushroom Kingdom… Well, aside from that one time.” She mentioned but quickly changed the subject. It was clear that the Bean Witch was still upset over having her plans foiled by the Mario Bros. but maybe there  was a slight chance that they could repair their relationship. “It doesn’t matter now, I suppose. Hopefully we can make amends and get along for once. Today seems to be blossoming into a wonderful evening. If you’re okay with it, perhaps I can show you around to a few stores. There might be something interesting you could pick up.” Her suggestion held a rare sense of sincerity that reflect in the welcoming smile that spread across the princess’s face. This decision may be a bit dangerous on her end but it was something she was willing to risk. It was never her forte to stay angry at someone for too long. There were even times where she tolerated the Koopa King’s presence so this time was no different.

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